Adult Traditional Martial Arts

Martial Arts can be a fulfilling, lifelong activity for adults at any skill level. Whether you’re a beginner or have practiced elsewhere, you’ll find our program to be a fun, challenging and safe environment to train. Our adult program is for men and women aged 13 and older.

Students begin training in our traditional American Martial Art system at White Belt. Our program has nine color belts, with each belt level becoming more challenging and complex. Our 10th belt is a Black Belt. Once at the Black Belt level, WI-MAFC has seven degrees of rank (orĀ dans) that incorporate our expert- and master-level curriculum. Students wishing to do so also have the opportunity to become a martial arts instructor.

Throughout our program, students learn various important aspects of martial arts including:

  • Kicking, punching and blocking techniques
  • Practical self-defense and joint manipulation
  • Traditional open-hand forms
  • Tumbling and acrobatics
  • Weaponry

Students also train in three forms of sport fighting that can be applied in dynamic competition fighting:

  1. Sparring (kickboxing/stand-up kick-punch-throw fighting, both point and continuous)
  2. Grappling (ground fighting, both position and submission)
  3. Weapon fighting (armored fighting with a variety of bamboo weapons)

By training in martial arts, you will improve:

  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Stamina
  • Reaction time
  • General physical fitness

So whether you are looking to gain self-defense skills, find a way to stay physically active, start a new engaging hobby, or become a better you, WI-MAFC is the place to be!