Aisha Kebbeh

Aisha Kebbeh

Junior Assistant Instructor / 1st Degree Black Belt


Aisha was first introduced to martial arts at an after school program at Schenk Elementary in 2014. She had enjoyed martial arts so much, Aisha decided to attend the martial arts academy.  In December 2016, Aisha tested and received her black belt. It was one of the biggest moments of her life. Aisha was the youngest female of only two females testing for her black belt.

One of the most rewarding things that Aisha enjoys about martial arts, is having the opportunity to teach other students. She understands and can relate to our student learning the techniques moving up the belt ranks.  In addition to martial arts, Aisha enjoys swimming, soccer, volleyball, reading and hanging out with friends.  At school, Aisha plays the clarinet, sings in the school choir and is a member of the drama, yearbook and sign language club.