Jon Peterson

Jon Peterson

Instructor / 2nd Degree Black Belt


Jon began his martial arts journey in October of 2011 and earned his first degree black belt in June of 2014 and his second degree black belt in December of 2016. Jon says that he has found personal enlightenment, confidence, and stress management abilities since beginning training. Increased strength, speed, and flexibility have been added bonuses on top. He has a deep interest in weapon fighting techniques and joint manipulations. Jon also enjoys watching students’ progression and overcoming their personal training obstacles.

Outside of the academy Jon enjoys weight training, snowboarding, home improvements, auto sports, and anything A/V, but finds the most enjoyment spending time with his family. Since becoming a father he feels he has found his “secret of life” which are his children, Alexis and Declan – “Enjoy the awe your children can bring to you, they are everything.”