What is this Ketogenic Diet people are talking about??

WI-MAFC Ketogenic

The ketogenic diet is NOT a fad diet with a bunch of weird rules and no results. Backed by scientific research, people follow the ketogenic diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle or when treating Type 2 Diabetes (amongst many other diseases). It is commonly paired with intermittent fasting. Being in ketosis means your body is burning fat as its primary fuel source rather than carbs. Dr. Fung talks about ketogenics and how treats patients with type 2 diabetes. He’s a bit blunt but makes the science very easy to understand! 

Is the Ketogenic Diet for me?

First of all, when we talk about ‘diet’ we aren’t talking about that thing you do for a couple of weeks or months to prepare for beach season. The word diet refers to the food consumed by a person.

The most important question to ask yourself when choosing a diet is: Will that work with my lifestyle? In order for you to maintain a way of eating, it has to either fit into your current lifestyle or you have to be willing and able to adjust your lifestyle for the long term.

Where do I even start?

When I first started on the ketogenic diet I found this incredible website called Ruled Me. It has all the information you would need to know to get started and also have a TON of recipes and even a recommended meal plan.

5 Benefits

  1. Increased mental clarity
  2. Anti-aging
  3. Lower blood sugar (can cure type 2 diabetes)
  4. Reduced body fat
  5. Increased energy

What now?

There are so many ways to eat for a healthier lifestyle and the trick is finding what works for you. If you have a family, it’s also important to make sure it will work for them. If the whole family is on board it will be the easiest transition. Ketogenic proves to be safe for kids as well! Mandy Pagano shares a great blog on how she got her kids transitioned into Keto and the benefits they’ve seen. Maria Emmerich of Mind, Body Health has also had her 2 boys on a Keto lifestyle since she adopted them and shares a ton of great kid friendly recipes